Verteidigung Dissertation von Viktoria Ronge: „Security and Privacy of Cryptocurrency Signatures“

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Am 23. Oktober 2023 um 17:00 Uhr verteidigt Viktoria Ronge ihre Dissertation zum Thema „Security and Privacy of Cryptocurrency Signatures“.

Die Verteidigung findet in der Martensstr. 3, 91058 Erlangen, Seminarraum 12. Stock (Informatik 1) statt.

Unten stehend finden Sie die Kurzfassung des Vortrags in englischer Sprache.

Cryptocurrencies have become an indispensable part of today’s world. In their various forms they play an increasingly important role, both as a financial investment product and as a means of payment. However, since one does not directly see the parties involved in a transaction but at most unique identifiers, there exists still the erroneous assumption that cryptocurrencies are anonymous per se. This thesis deals with different forms of anonymity within the system of cryptocurrencies themself and what has to be considered when trying to deanonymize. Here, the term anonymity is used more broadly to refer not only to the fact that it is not known who the actual sender (or receiver) in a given transaction is, but also that actually existing connections between different identifiers cannot be detected. The focus is on the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Monero and Zcash. Bitcoin was chosen because it is the currency with the highest market capitalization of all, while Monero and Zcash have the highest market capitalization among such currencies, which by their construction ensure a certain degree of anonymity for both sender and receiver.