Vortrag von Jonathan Bootle: „Sumcheck Arguments and their Applications“

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Am 9. Juli 2021 um 16 Uhr hält Jonathan Bootle einen Vortrag zum Thema „Sumcheck Arguments and their Applications“.

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In this talk, I will present sumcheck arguments; a new class of interactive protocols which show that „split-and-fold protocols“ (such as Bulletproofs and many more) are consequences of the Lund et al. sumcheck protocol from 1992.

I will explain how many existing commitment schemes can be framed as „sumcheck-friendly commitments“ over rings and modules, and how to obtain succinct arguments for NP-complete statements over rings. This gives a lattice-based succinct argument from the SIS assumption, which was previously open.


I am a cryptography researcher, currently working on efficient zero-knowledge proofs, especially those based on lattice assumptions or error-correcting codes. I am also interested in number theory, game theory, and quantum information theory. I am currently working as a researcher in the Foundational Cryptography group at IBM Research, Zürich.